Synaptic People Detection Ai

People Detection Ai

No More False Alarms: Do you want home or business security but have you grown tired of false alarms? Typical camera systems use motion to decipher an alert that could be triggered by the wind, pets or other animals, or other non-threats such as loud sounds from a truck or bus passing by, causing rumbling in the streets. With old manual alarm systems, it can be the home or business owner who inadvertently sets off the alarm.

No More Crying Wolf: Synaptic Ai utilizes artificial intelligence to discern between various objects that you control through a customizable dashboard. Our system uses artificial intelligence to trigger an alert based on object recognition, not on movement, all customized to the conditions that you specify. No more false alarms triggered by Fido! No more wasted time for you, the police or security guards. False alarms take police away from real security threats and cost taxpayers a lot of money. In some cases, home or business owners can be fined for too many false alarms and the police may even stop responding! Municipal governments in Florida and across the United States are increasingly passing ordinances that fine for false alarms, with the costs escalating for each repeated offense, with some companies paying $500 a week for false alarms!

Want to Take your Security to a Whole New Level? With the power of Synaptic Ai, it will be seamless to discern when a person passes by; someone is bicycling around your street; when your favorite pet has triggered an alarm and to distinguish between a truck and a bus, up to 150 feet from where the camera is positioned. Only get alerted when the system has detected a real threat to your home or business. Combine this with the power of our Face Ai and you will be able to program the system to easily recognize members of your family, regular guests or workers, even the mailman or delivery people so that your alarm isn’t triggered needlessly! Now you can have peace of mind that your home or business is safe and secure, without the added anxiety of a false alarm.

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