Synaptic People Detection Ai

Ai Powered Home Security

No More False Alarms: Our Ai powered home security system unleashes the true power of Artificial Intelligence. Unlike the competition, we do not rely on motion or heat sensors which can cause a lot of false positives. Receiving many false positives defeats the purpose of having an alert system, eventually the user will simply turn off the alerts. The alerts arrive via a rich notification with an embedded picture. The alerts only come in when an actual person or any object you select comes into the frame of the security camera. The information about each object is indexed in our searchable database, you can always replay any incident by simply typing in keyphrases.

How it Works: Upon a successful creation of an account Synaptic will ship a device to your residence. This device will require power and an internet connection. Once connected the Synaptic support team will configure the appliance to watch your security cameras. A few minutes after configuration you will be able to login to our Synaptic App located here:

Why use Synaptic?

Powered by Ai
Integrate with Existing Cameras
Enhanced Video Analytics
Searchable Database by Keyword
Concierge Service
Integrates with Home Automation Systems
Realtime Rich Push Notifications
Cloud Storage 30 Days 6 Months
False Positives Very High Little to None


  • "I have been using the Synaptic App for sometime now. Working from home while managing my children during the pandemic has been extremely challenging. Anything is possible while juggling the household, the Synaptic App informed me many times when my children happened to unlock the door and go outside. The Synaptic App services as my eyes on every camera I have here at the house, it has prevented so many accidents." - Julie
  • "I always had a concern of people loitering or visiting our house while we go on vacation. The Synaptic App came as a recommendation from a friend, now when I leave the house whether it is for 15 minutes or 15 days, I feel confident and comfortable entering my house knowing that nobody entered our property while we were away." - Mike
  • "How many times have we all left a door open in our home while we were away? Everyone knows this happens, and when you come home and find out that it was left open you always have a concern. Immediately after I signed up with Synaptic Home Security all of those concerns were put to rest." - George

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