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Face Recognition Ai

Synaptic’s Face Ai can be used at businesses to verify the identity of employees, at schools to make sure that it is the parents who are picking up students, and even at home to confirm the identity of anyone attempting to enter your home.

While facial recognition software has now become commonplace with its use on Facebook for tagging pictures, or the iPhone X for unlocking the phone’s device, it can still raise ethical questions about how the data is being used or kept secure.

Our commitment at Synaptic Ai is to provide facial recognition software that keeps your data safe and secure by hosting it on its own cloud, to be used only for your business or administrative purposes, and not to share this data with anyone outside of your company or organization.

By residing on a cloud server, our Face Ai utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to recognize faces in your business or organization. For example, a current client uses our Face Ai to recognize one face out of 400 in their organization. Imagine the possibilities!

You can apply our Face Ai to all ethical use cases such as:

  • Utilizing our Face Ai at retail shops and other places of business will allow administrators to manage employee timesheets by verifying the identity of employees when they clock into work. No more key fobs, or pulling your ID card out of your wallet! Also, if your employees have a time clock to punch in, there may be risks of other employees punching the clock for them. Synaptic’s Ai does away with that possibility by recognizing each employee’s face when they check in. This prevents the stealing of “time” and keeps everyone safe at the business by only allowing permitted employees into the building.
  • Utilizing Synaptic’s Face Ai at schools to authenticate the identity of parents at the time they come to pick up their children. Schools can be much more accountable in ensuring the safety of their students by utilizing our facial recognition.

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