Synaptic Ai

Our Neural Net

Synaptic Ai offers a customized object detection video analytic solution.

High Accuracy

Our Ai technology is composed of thousands of neurons surrounded by neural nets to produce award winning accuracy in detection.

Easy to Customize

Want notifications for specific objects? Or notifications during certain times? Or even notifications by location? We offer an easy solution tailored to you.

Detection Dashboard

Our dashboard is web based, easy to use, and highly customizable. Email us for a free test drive.

Natural K9 - Pet Supply Store Chain

Natural K9 is the leading all natural pet supply chain in Sunny South Florida. Natural K9 takes pride in guiding pet parents to make their best decision for their pets.

Natural K9 utilizes Synaptic's Facial Recognition Time clock for managing employee time and also Synaptic's object detection to identify money, people, and dogs.

  • Schedule Notifications
  • Making your Cameras Pro-Active
  • Precise Accuracy
  • Save you Time & Money

Custom Object Detection Ai

A needle in a haystack: whether it is a small object or large object our Ai will find the object you are looking for.

Why have cameras if you cannot exploit their full potential: Our Ai sits on top of your existing hardware and only alerting when necessary.

Facial Recognition Ai

We understand the privacy concerns relating to facial recognition. Synaptic Ai stands behind keeping privacy private. Our facial recognition is only used in a functional way.

While there are plenty of big box companies offering a facial recognition service, our's out-performs the competition, while staying out of the press spotlight.

Pricing Plans

Pricing is on a per camera basis.

Currency Ai

  • Flexible Storage
  • Unlimited Cameras
  • Unlimited Detections
  • Custom Scheduled Notifications
  • 24/7 Support

Transportation Ai

  • Flexible Storage
  • Unlimited License Plate Reading
  • Unlimited Detections
  • Custom Scheduled Notifications
  • 24/7 Support

Face Ai

  • Flexible Storage
  • Scale Up to 1000 Faces
  • Unlimited Detections
  • Custom Scheduled Notifications
  • 24/7 Support


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The Future of Automation is Now!

Are you ready for enhanced automation in your business, your communities, at home and at schools? Synaptic Ai has the solution for you that will give you added intelligence that saves you time and money with ease. Whether it is an affordable system to monitor cash flow at your business, protecting your home, your office, a church or community center from unwelcome intruders, or even a high-tech service that prevents false alarms, Synaptic Ai puts the power of Artificial Intelligence in your hands. Contact us for added safety, security, automation and peace of mind.

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